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New path begins at restored watercourse

Sally Wallis for the Dee Catchment Partnership March 08, 2023

The Torphins Paths Group, a Deeside charity focused on improving and developing walking and cycling access in the local area, has completed the first section of a proposed path connecting Torphins and Banchory.

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Guy Fawkes Night triggers spikes in air pollution

Colin Gillespie, Principal Scientist, SEPA November 10, 2022

Guy Fawkes night is very much a UK celebration, with the lighting of bonfires and setting off fireworks. Here we look at the consequences of these celebrations held on the 5th of November each year on air quality.

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Impacts of summer heatwaves on air quality

Colin Gillespie, Principal Scientist, SEPA August 16, 2022

The summer of 2022 has seen record-breaking temperatures and here we look at some of the effects heatwaves can have on levels of air pollution.

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A bloomin’ year for algae and cyanobacteria

Jan Krokowski, Senior Specialist Scientist at SEPA November 16, 2021

Summers are becoming hotter and drier, with winter rainfall and storm frequency predicted to increase. These effects of climate change are ideal conditions to also give rise to increased incidence of algal and blue-green algal (cyanobacteria) blooms in Scottish freshwaters.

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