This website has been designed to act as a centralised portal to access a variety of environmental information and data from reliable and trusted providers.  The guidance below on how to use this website is based on standards and agreements between the Scotland's environment web partnership and should be adhered to.  If you have any further questions about how to use any part of this website please contact us.

Brand guidelines

Scotland’s environment website follows Scottish Government Digital Standards and W3C accessibility guidelines.  Website templates can be re-used by partner approved associated websites to aid standardisation, user familiarisation and interoperability. If you wish to re-use our templates please contact us.

Guidance on how to use and promote the Scotland’s environment web brand.

Contacting Scotland's environment web

Scotland’s environment web is monitored during Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm (except public holidays).  Contact made with Scotland’s environment web via the website contact us page or direct to will be monitored and addressed during these times.

Guidance on how we receive and respond to track queries.

Social media

Scotland’s environment web uses social media to promote and share information about current environment topics, about the family of websites and news from our partners.  Scotland’s environment web encourages the sharing of social media content by our partners and online community of interest. 

Scotland’s environment web is not a legal entity and all social media content will be factual, unbiased, and will not express opinion. When interacting with Scotland’s environment social media channels, partners may express opinion subject to their internal approval processes.

Click here for more information on Scotland’s environment web social media policy and rules for engagement.


Scotland’s environment website is not a data repository. It is a centralised search and discovery portal that allows users to find and access data from multiple sources, regardless of who it is published by. Scotland’s environment website has developed some data analysis and viewing tools that transform data published by our partners into an accessible format making it easy to view, analyse and interpret.

Click here to find out more about Scotland’s environment data.

Requesting new data to be included on Scotland's environment web

Scotland’s environment website is only as good as the ideas, data and information provided by our partners and network of contributing organisations.  Some of this might be incorporated into Scotland’s environment website, data analysis and data viewing tools, or the user will signposted to other trusted and authoritative sources of information. Our aim is to get users to the data and information they are interested in, as quickly and easily as possible.

If you have a suggestion for new information and data for Scotland’s environment web, please complete these forms as best as you can and email to  A member of the team will then be in touch to discuss further.

This page was reviewed on 24 Oct 2018

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