We need energy to generate electricity, to heat our homes and to run our cars.

Energy comes from a range of non-renewable and renewable sources such as coal, oil, gas, wind and water.



Which vehicles cause the most pollution in Scotland?

This graph can be used as a discussion starter - Click on the graph to view a larger version.

Scottish renewable energy data

Scottish Energy Statisitics - Click on the Scottish Energy Statistics link to see compiled data about Scotland’s renewable energy sector to track the industry’s growing contribution to our energy needs, our economy and our environment.


Were there coal mines in your area in the past?

These Coal Mining maps from The Coal Mining History Resource Centre can help you find any coal mines in your area. (This is an archived website and is no longer maintained).

Renewable Energy Map

Explore the data on this Renewable Energy Map - showing renewable energy sites in the UK up to 2014.



Manage your energy with this Bulb app - Bulb use 100% green electricity and 10% green gas making energy simpler, cheaper, greener.

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JouleBug app is the easy way to make your everyday habits more sustainable, at home, work, and play. This app encourage you to save electricity, water, paper and more.

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BlaBlaCar app - a Carpool app that allows you to find a ride with a trusted driver or offer a ride in the empty seats of your car.

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Citizen Science Surveys

A Whole School Approach

A Whole School Approach - Involving the school community in reducing its carbon footprint. Surveys and checklists for your school included in the Appendix section of this PDF document from Green Suffolk.

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Fossil fuels

State of Scotland's Environment report - fossil fuels

Energy Statistics for Scotland

This energy statistics for Scotland PDF provides statistics for the energy sector in Scotland. How much of our renewable energy is from wind, water and solar? What other types of renewables provide Scotland with energy?

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